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All-Blend Oil

All-Blend Oil
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This is the only blended oil product to contain a mixture of truly cold-pressed oils from soy beans, safflower seeds, walnuts and peanuts.

  • Cold Pressed oils
  • Essential fatty acids
  • Delicious salad oil

It is a delicious salad oil which is also an excellent source of polyunsaturated essential fatty acids.

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The essential fatty acids contained in All-blend Oil are 'essential' because the body cannot make them on its own, yet needs them for cell membrane integrity as well as hormone and other vital body substance production. Essential fatty acids are unsaturated - they are different from the saturated, solid fat you get in meat and dairy products which serve primarily as an energy source.

The seeds and nuts used to produce this oil have been pressed under controlled temperature in a light and oxygen-free environment.  No chemicals have been used to extract the oils, nor has there been any heat treatment or further processing.  There is only a slight increase in temperature when the seeds and nuts are crushed. Because of careful pressing, the oil leaves the seeds and nuts at low temperature.


Size / Quantity :  480 ml
Serving Size :  15 ml or one tablespoon
Servings per Container :  32
Directions :
Take one to two tablespoons 30 minutes before a meal.  Once opened keep tightly closed and refrigerated.
Ingredients : Cold pressed oils from soybeans, safflower seeds, peanuts and walnuts.
Quality Guarantee: Certified Purity

AllBlend Oil, All Blend Oil

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