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Cloves are traditionally used in Indian Ayurvedic medicine, Chinese medicine, and western herbalism:

  • to strengthen peristalsis
  • calm the stomach
  • act as anthilmitic
  • 100% fresh ground cloves
  • No fillers or binders
500mg / 180caps
€ 20.40
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Eugenol, the major pain relieving agents used by doctors today, is the active ingredient in Cloves.

Cloves have moderately strong germicidal properties and clove oil is effective against fungal infections such as athlete's foot.

For centuries, Clove oil was the standard toothache remedy. It has anesthetic and disinfectant properties of some effectiveness.

It is known to increase circulation of the blood, and thereby promote digestion and nutrition. It is helpful in nausea and vomiting. Many herbalists recommend steeping clove buds in boiling water to resolve nausea and to rid the stomach and intestines of gas.

According to the prevailing herbal literature, cloves may have the following properties:
Analgesic: This herb relieves pain
Anodyne: This herb reduces pain
Anti-emetic: This herb lessens nausea and prevents or relieves vomiting
Antiseptic: This herb combats and neutralizes pathogenic bacteria and
prevents infection
Aromatic: This herb contains volatile, essential oils that aid digestion and relieves gas.
Astringent: This herb has a constricting or binding effect, for example: one that checks hemorrhages or secretions by coagulation of proteins on a soft surface
Carminative: This herb relieves intestinal gas pain and distension; promotes peristalsis
Disinfectant: This herb destroys the cause of infection
Expectorant: This herb encourages the loosening of phlegm from the respiratory tract
Rubefacient: This herb stimulates blood flow to the skin causing local reddening
Stimulant: This herb increases internal heat, dispels internal chill and strengthens metabolism and circulation
Stomachic: This herb strengthens stomach function
Tonic: This herb restores, nourishes, and supports the entire body; it exerts a gently strengthening effect on the body
Vermifuge: This herb expels or repels intestinal worms

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