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Epsom Salt

Epsom Salt
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Our pharmaceutical grade Epsom Salts are a main ingredient of the Hulda Clark Liver Flush.

  • pharmaceutical grade
  • suitable for consumption
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225 g pure Magnesiumsulphate-Heptahydrate Phr. Eur., B.P.

Epsom Salts or magnesium sulfate has many uses

Epsom Salts' properties were first discovered in the early 17 hundreds and are popular today amongst top models including Elle Macpherson and celebrities from Victoria Beckam to Gwyneth Paltrow.  So what are the popular uses?
Soaking a splinter in Epsom Salts will often release the splinter and may help speed wound healing.
Epsom Salts baths are also a very common use.
They are used as a foot soak, exfoliant, in facials and for hair.
Epsom salts have traditionally been used by people with skin problems, as a relaxant and draw toxins from the body.
Epsom Salts works to neutralize odors and soften skin which is why they make an ideal foot bath additive.
Rubbing Epsom salts directly on the body exfoliates skin and leaves it smooth and silky.

Recent studies suggest that magnesium sulfate can be nebulized to reduce the symptoms of acute asthma. [1]

[1] Blitz M, Blitz S, Hughes R, Diner B, Beasley R, Knopp J, Rowe BH. Aerosolized magnesium sulfate for acute asthma: a systematic review.

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