Ginkgo Biloba

Ginkgo Biloba
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Ginkgo Biloba has been used medicinally for many thousands of years.

  • powerful, natural antioxidant
  • Highly researched herb for its possible effects on brain function and memory


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Gingko Biloba Benefits
Ginkgo's ability to enhance circulation has been studied extensively, and a study published in the Journal of American Medical Association showed that it had a measurable effect on dementia in the study subjects with Alzheimer's disease and those recovering from strokes.

Other studies indicate that it can enhance concentration and improve both long- and short-term memory. Gingko Biloba has also been used to treat hearing problems and poor balance. Ginkgo has traditionally been used to relieve tension and anxiety while improving alertness, mood and energy.

The body's response to consuming Ginkgo is that it increases blood flow throughout the vessels that supply blood and oxygen to the brain.  Ginkgo helps enhance circulation and boost oxygen supply in the tissue. Sharper memory, increased clarity, and improved reaction time are benefits of the superior blood supply.

More that 300 studies over the past 30 years have provided clinical evidence of the beneficial effects of Ginkgo Biloba throughout the body.  Areas that have gained particular attention are the brain and cognitive function, capillary circulation & cardiovascular health.

Ginkgo The Brain Tonic
Recognised for thousands of years in Asia, Ginkgo is now being acknowledged in the western scientific community for its circulatory enhancement properties.  As well as the memory enhancement capabilities it is now recognised that the cerebellum in particular responds well to this herb, and it is therefore being employed for vertigo, tinnitus (ringing in the ears) and a variety of neurological disorders and circulation problems from mental fatigue to lack of energy.

Ginkgo and Oxygen
By enhancing the performance of blood vessels and oxygen delivery throughout the body, Ginkgo has a positive systemic effect, but it is important to realise that a full 20% of the supplied oxygen is used by the brain which is why Ginkgo's positive effects are so clearly evident in cognitive function.

Ginkgo and Improved Memory
Benefits of improved brain circulation include improved short and long term memory,  improved mental clarity and faster reaction times. Alzheimer's and other symptoms of cerebral insufficiency are frequently treated with Ginkgo. These cerebral insufficiencies may include difficulties of concentration and memory, absentmindedness and confusion.

Blood-Flow to Parts of The Brain
Insufficiency in the hypothalamus and or pituitary may present as lack of energy, while other areas of the limbic system might result in depressed mood or anxiety, dizziness is often most closely related to the cerebellum and ear structures which may also result in tinnitus.  Headaches may also result from vaso-constriction and inadequate oxygen supply to the brain.

Ginkgo and Improved Circulation
Ginkgo also improves circulation in the extremities relieving cold hands and feet, arterial blockage, swelling or oedema in arms and legs.  Standardised Ginkgo has been used in treatment of other circulation-related disorders such as diabetic peripheral vascular disease, Raynaud's syndrome, hemorrhoids and varicose veins, stroke and skull injuries. The circulatory systems of eyes and ears may also benefit from this herb.

About Gingko Biloba
ginkgo is the oldest living tree species.  It is believed to have been growing on earth for 150 - 200 million years. It is now frequently prescribed by Doctors and Pharmacists in France and Germany, and is one of the most well-researched herbs in the world.

Ginkgo and  Cholesterol
Studies suggest that in addition to its ability to relax constricted blood vessels, Ginkgo may actually help keep the transformation of cholesterol to plaque under control.  It is this plaque which is associated with the hardening of arteries.

Ginkgo Sight and Vision
Studies have now confirmed that blood flow to the retina increases with the consumption of Ginkgo.  This may slow retinal deterioration and increase of visual acuity.

In clinical tests ginkgo has improved hearing loss in the elderly.

90 capsules
Each capsule contains 100 mg Ginkgo biloba leaf extract (standardised to 10% flavone glycosides) and 300mg Ginkgo biloba leaf

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