Olive Leaf Extract

Olive Leaf Extract
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Our practitioner quality Olive Leaf Extract contains multiple irridoids.  Olive leaf has traditionally been used medicinally for centuries.  It contains:

  • Olive Leaf (Oleo europea)
  • Ethanol 27% by volume
  • Water
  • No fillers, or additives of any kind
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OLIVE LEAF EXTRACT - An Introduction to Nature’s Most Amazing Secret
Ingredients: Distilled Water, 27% Ethyl Alcohol, Olive Leaves

Olive leaf extract's multiple irridoids synergistially  kill viruses by interfering with certain amino acid production processes. Studies also suggest that this compound has the ability to penetrate infected host cells and inhibit viral replication.

Oleuropein present in Olive leaf extract, was identified in the 1900’s as the bitter tasting compound found in certain Olive trees and to be part of the tree’s powerful disease-resistant structure. Researchers later discovered that it was a member of the irridoid group of phytochemicals. Biochemists however have determined that olive leaf extract has multiple irridoids and that the synergy of them working together kills viruses by interfering with certain amino acid production processes. Studies in America also suggest that this compound has the ability to penetrate infected host cells and inhibit viral replication.

Researchers in Europe investigating the properties of oleuropein suggest that it also inactivated bacteria by dissolving the outer lining of the microbes.

A study in France reported that olive leaf extracts show extremely high antioxidative qualities while in Italy researchers found it could lower blood pressure.

Why should I take it?
Many of us are suffering from viruses (especially retroviruses) antibiotic resistant bacteria, yeasts, fungi and parasites.

Such pathological organisms are associated with

  • an overburdening of one’s immune system,
  • various diseases of over-industrialization,
  • a deterioration of the bowel ecology and an
  • inability of mankind to adapt to living amidst modern technology.

In many reported cases our own immunological defences become weak-end or overwhelmed by so called “super bugs” for which no single natural treatment has been known to work – until now! God created our planet and on it he planted “the tree of life” – the Olive Tree.

Olive leaf extract will help keep you healthy. Every day your body’s own defence system is put under attack and is often unable to cope. You begin by “feeling ill” and develop the symptoms the invader creates – maybe you have flu-like aches and pains, your energy level drops and a feeling of tiredness prevails, or perhaps a rash appears on your skin and starts to itch, maybe you have stomach pains and feel sick – whatever it is help is required to repel the invader and restore your feeling of well being.

This help is now available from a non-toxic 100% natural source which, taken as a supplement to your daily diet, may aid the fight against disease-producing microorganisms without the disadvantages of man-made substances.

A major clinical study of 500 patients in Hungary concluded that the rate of improvement and recovery from all bacterial and viral infections was approx. 98 percent. It was also shown to be incredibly effective against respiratory diseases of bacterial origin such as tonsillitis and pharyngitis.

Could I not get the same benefits from eating raw olives or olive oil?
No – whilst the benefits of an overall, olive oil rich, Mediterranean type diet are accepted in regard to heart disease and circulation problems, olive oil itself contains only small amounts of Oleuropein which for the most part is rendered ineffective in the blood after about 15 minutes.  Moreover, the chemical treatment used to cure the Olive fruit actually removes the bitter tasting Oleuropein.

Are there side effects?
Some people experience what is known as Herxheimer Reaction or “die off”, this is a detoxification reaction and indicates it is working. It occurs when the Olive leaf compounds kill large numbers of harmful toxins quickly.  Almost every discomfort disappears within 4-7 days, but if it distresses you temporarily discontinue or cut back intake until your body can eliminate the toxic waste.  Most individuals experience no such effects.

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