Stephania Root Tincture

Stephania Root Tincture
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Stephania Tetrandra 

  • Promotes urination
  • reduces edema (especially in the lower parts of the body)
  • intestinal gurgling, abdominal distention,
  • fever, joint pain, general pain,
  • spasms in extremities (hands/feet),
  • leukorreah, dysuria,
  • lowers blood pressure, skin sores, gout,
  • Bell’s palsy, facial paralysis, eye problems,
  • floaters, heart disease, asthma.
  • May be beneficial for those suffering with Lyme Disease.
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Cautions and contraindications:
Not intended for use for children or during pregnancy or when breast feeding except under the care of a licensed medical practitioner.

1 drop per day for 4 days, doubling the dose every 4 days until the full dose of 16
drops per day is reached. If side effects are experienced, go back to the last tolerable dose.

put drops in 1 – 2oz of filtered, organic apple juice to hide the bitter taste.

Stephania tetranda root and organic corn alcohol ~50% VOL, Ratio 1:2

Dosages, indications and any other information contained herein is suggested use only and not to be considered treatment recommendations. Please consult with a health-care provider for treatment of any illness or condition, especially if you are pregnant, breast-feeding or considering treating a child.

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