Teasel Tincture

Teasel Tincture
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Teasel Tincture is a Chinese herb, known for promoting

  • energy and blood circulation
  • healing of fracture & broken bones
  • & tendons esp. traumatic injury
  • used as a liver and kidney tonic
  • & in cases of rheumatism & lyme


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Teasel is a rich source of nutrients, especially natural calcium.  This may be one of the reasons it was traditionally used by those suffering from lumbago, disconnected tendons and fractures, wobbly legs, arresting vaginal bleeding and helping secure the foetus.

It helps to maintain strong bones, cartilage and sinews, strengthens loins, knees and joints, promotes muscle growth and helps cartilage and sinew to reconnect. It may also help with jaundice and gallbladder problems, due to its direct stimulation of liver function.

Because of its apparent astringency, Teasel is considered useful in cases of diarrhoea and it can also help to tone up the stomach, improve digestion and increase appetite. Its system cleansing, stomach soothing, diuretic and sweat-producing properties are beneficial side effects as well.

Health practitioners have been using it in small doses -with dramatic effects, as part of the Lyme disease protocol. Teasel may mobilise viruses from the nerve tissue, and makes them accessible for resolution by the immune system.

Directions for use (Teasel Tincture):
Take 5-15 drops 3 times a day or as recommended by your health practitioner.
If you wish, you may additionally rub it onto the aching joints.

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