Vitamin A (Retinol) 10000 IU

Vitamin A (Retinol) 10000 IU
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Retinol is the active form of Vitamin A so needs no conversion.  It is now recognised that Vitamin A is important for:

  • Healthy skin & good vision
  • Maintaining eye moisture
  • Your sense of smell
  • Immunity to viruses bacteria & yeast
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The body uses vitamin A to maintain a healthy immune system, healthy skin and good vision.

Eyesight disorders now associated with Vitamin A deficiency include night blindness, poor vision and certain types of colour blindness.

It is believed that there may be a connection between vitamin A and some skin conditions, including psoriasis, certain rashes & rosacea.

Other symptoms of vitamin A deficiency include loss of taste or smell, distorted colour vision, dry eyes, loss of appetite, and poor balance.

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