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Wild Yam Tincture

Wild Yam Tincture
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Wild Yam's  key nutrients are precursors of DHEA & natural progesterone.

  • Wild Yam
  • (Doiscorea villosa)
  • Contains precursors of DHEA & progesterone
  • 27% Ethanol
€ 45.00
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Wild Yam has been used in traditional medicine for centuries.

The best herbs are regarded as those, which are completely non-toxic and balanced, and which can be taken indefinitely. Mexican Yam falls within this category. It is a herb/food, as much for men as for women, from maturity through to a graceful old age.

Yam is traditionally used in herbal medicine as a contraceptive.  It is therefore advised that it should not be used during the early stages of pregnancy.

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